Shelby Verducci

We couldn't be more happy working with Deanna. She was very educational, and her communication was very thorough, we never felt out of the loop. Additionally, she listened to our wants, and needs, and applied those criteria to all aspects of the home-buying process. Her negotiation and great work ethic helped us acquire a fair contract and our dream home. She has a genuine passion for helping her clients meet their goals which made the entire process comfortable. Lastly, she is still very supportive, even after our purchase, and resourceful with any follow-up questions we have. Overall, I would highly recommend Deanna as she is an outstanding agent and the representative partner you need on your team.

Robert Begley

Deanna’s professional approach to your real estate transaction is spot on.

Ann T.

Deanna is a friendly professional who goes out of her way to help clients.

Beth Self

This year, at 57, I finally put on my big girl pants and started looking into buying a place of my own. Lucky for me, I had an amazing realtor by my side to help me through the process since it was all Greek to me. I can honestly say that Deanna Million did an awesome job for me. With never having gone through the process of buying a home, I had a million (no pun intended) questions and, at the same time, was unsure of what questions I SHOULD be asking. Deanna answered them all, along with all the ones I didn’t know I needed answers to. And if she didn’t know the answer herself, she would reach out to her network and find an answer for me. She responded to me quickly and also made herself available to go look at properties whenever any came up that I was interested in. In addition to that, she connected me with other necessary resources – a mortgage broker and a mortgage advisor.
I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to refer my friends and family to Deanna should they need a realtor!